Case study

Healthcare Due Dilligence

A technology, product and engineering review for a heath tech company


We were contacted and asked to conduct technical due diligence (DD) on a health tech company on behalf of their investor to assess the company’s ability to scale and the capability of the team to scale with the business.

The investor had a tight deadline in order to have the report ready for their next portfolio review. As part of the due diligence had to secure buy-in from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) that the DD was aimed at supporting them rather than a vehicle to poke holes in their current strategy.

Once we’d got their buy-in by displaying our experience and ensuring their visibility into the process, the team covered a variety of topics as part of the DD:

  • Discussed the company at a high level with the CEO and COO and their vision and strategy
  • Conducted a review of the technical product including reviewing the code alongside the head of engineering
  • Interviewed members of the SLT to assess their processes across the business including the head of product.
  • Evaluated the capability of the team to scale alongside the business

Following the review, the team at provided a report for the investor within their deadline, which was well received and influenced their decision to invest in the company to enable the scaling of the business, with positive reviews from the health tech company as to how we helped them.

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