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22.05.23 – 24.05.23

Welcome to the first Climb event in Leeds, the innovation festival for investors, start-ups, scale-ups, and industry.

Solo vs Co-Founders

22/02/23 11.00-12.30

You’ve got an entrepreneurial itch to scratch, who do you need with you to scratch it?

Over the last few years we’ve worked with plenty of different founder structures, teams, co founders, and solo founders. Depending on your personality, experience and business idea the structure you have may not be right for you.

In this online session we’ll be exploring in greater detail some of the benefits and issues with each format and will help give you clarity on which approach might be right for you.

Startup discovery sessions

15.02.23 and 28.02.23 10-12pm

At we consider ourselves pragmatic and approachable… we’ve helped plenty of startups building teams, tech and helping them grow in to thriving tech businesses. We’re running two drop in sessions in collaboration with the Exchange Programme to see how we can help you grow and scale your startup.

This is an in person drop in session, you don’t need to stay for the whole session but so we can manage numbers (and refreshments) please let us know if you’re intending to come by registering!

Developing your Startup Value Proposition

29.03.23 11-12.30

One of the single most important things you need for your start up is a clear and simple value proposition. It will help guide your decisions, understand channels, secure investment conversations and much more.

In this online session we’ll take you through the principles of creating a value proposition, including our VP canvas, good examples of things other founders have created, and our takeaway guide for building on your value proposition for your startup.

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