What we do

We use our technical know-how and business expertise to help startups and investors fulfil their potential

Who we work with

Working inside tsf.tech, we look to work with and support three types of startup ventures…


Our service to investors is based on helping them assess the technical potential and vulnerabilities…

  • Proposition

    Helping them understand their technology strategy, feasibility and risk in an initial startup proposition.

  • Collaboration

    Working collaboratively with investors and entrepreneurs on a PoC/MVP build

  • Strategic Insights

    Offering strategic insights to help shape the thinking and decision making for second and third stage funding.


We work with people who have market expertise and have identified a high-growth tech product opportunity.

  • Proposition

    Provide a ‘CTO-as-a-Service’ to help structure their proposition, giving strategic insights on ‘the art of possible’.

  • Product Development

    Develop a product roadmap and investment plan to enable a compelling investor pitch.

  • Partner

    Partner to deliver a PoC/MVP build, and beyond to v1.0, providing hands-on assistance to build their own tech team capabilities.

Established tech companies looking to step up to the next level

Entrepreneurs building a high-growth tech enabled company, looking for evolutionary tech insights to reboot their venture.

  • Critical friend

    Provide a ‘critical friend’ resource to challenge and help reshape the current thinking and redirect the strategy

  • Technical expertise

    Enhance internal capabilities with technical expertise to accelerate product development

  • Mentoring

    Collaborate to drive business growth via ongoing mentoring support at a board and engineering level in the organisation

Domains & Sectors

Technical know how are best practices are applicable to wide range or sectors and domains, here are some of those we have been involved with.

  • IOT

    We have built systems with fleets of remote ‘edge computing’ devices deployed across the UK, backhauling their data streams to monitoring centers in the cloud. Such systems bring unique challenges including remote updates, version management, redundancy, communications and user experience.

  • Fintech

    With the advent of open banking APIs the Fintech scene has come alive with opportunities. Fintech products are generally more involved than products in other domains due to the high bar of regulation and the level of resilience and guarantees engineered into the systems. The Startup Factory have helped build a number of successful Fintech products and have members with pedigree in the banking industry.

  • HealthTech

    There is no other sector where technology can work for the greater good like in HealthTech and MedTech. We understanding the nature and regulatory scrutiny of dealing with sensitive medical data, ensuring that data privacy and security are included in the core of any tech solutions. We are able to demystify the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts, and build cross functional data science and engineering teams to deliver practical AI/ML projects.

  • Lifestyle Apps

    User experience is key to successful consumer mobile applications. We take time to understand your users narratives and develop natural and responsive user journeys that work seamlessly across multiple devices and in network blackspots integrating with external services and wearables to enrich the experience.

We’re ready to talk...

Wherever you are on your startup journey, get in touch and let’s unpack your thinking together and see where we can help turn your idea into a reality.