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CoPerceptuo is a new way to run your own consultancy engagements without the need and expense of hiring an external consultant. 

Founded by Andy Shuttleworth and Andy Yates, two experienced consultants, CoPerceptuo is more than just a data platform. Providing clients with the ability to collaborate, engage and drive insight throughout the business in a more cost-effective and sustainable way. 

Their ethos is to put all the power of consulting (with the knowledge and insight that goes alongside it) back into your hands. 


Founders: Andy Shuttleworth and Andy Yates 

To find out more visit their website at:

What we delivered

  • Stage 1

    Initial scoping and data models to understand the depth and functionality needed to deliver value to the end users

  • Stage 2

    An initial Proof of Concept which fully tested the suggested flow and how users would interact with the platform

  • Stage 3

    Took the prioritised feedback from the testing to further improve the platform before going live in September 2023

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