Case study


A Manchester University a spin-out company to develop analogue-to-digital technology


Dr Tom McNamara is a PhD graduate from the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, having studied biochemistry and materials science. Tom was an enterprising scientist who has moved from from academic to entrepreneur. Having developed a successful prototype Tom now leads a rapidly scaling business which has deployed several pilots across the country.

  • Sector: IoT
  • Founder: Dr Tom McNamara

Working alongside Tom set up FreeUP, which has created a cost reducing data & sensor platform for the whole water sector.

Tom’s scientific approach supported by our tech skills has allowed the creation of low cost water sensors which can be deployed to any water solution, allowing instant transmission of cloud based data in real time. Essentially giving any one who needs it, the ability to read water information in a similar way to the weather forecast.

With water underpinning 90% of the worlds economic activities and an estimatation that in 7 years 40% of the water needed for human activities won’t be available due to poor water management it’s easy to understand the invaluable work FreeUP are doing to assist water quality management across the country.

With several successful pilots and partnerships underway we’re excited about the future of FreeUp and the difference it will make to both organisations and wider society.

To find out more visit FreeUP’s website:

What we delivered

  • Stage 1

    We evaluated the technical problem, impartially determined the best technical stack and architecture using the latest cutting edge technologies and techniques, and offered an early indication of resource requirements. We also helped explore the art of the possible using design sprint methodologies

  • Stage 2’s development team built an MVP platform under the guidance of FreeUp to develop a platform and adjust the requirements as client opportunities arose, creating an MVP that was ready to be used on real-life pilots.

  • Stage 3

    Following a successful build, the team then continued to support the platform from both a business and technical perspectives to ensure pilots ran smoothly and help to onboard the first members of the FreeUp team

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