James Brookes

Head of Projects

James is Head of Projects, a role that starts with the first meeting with a potential client, through project inception and delivery phases with responsibility for agile processes and resourcing, and encompasses all aspects of the commercial relationship with a client.

The role is ‘hands-on’ but also requires a high degree of emotional intelligence to create an empathetic, collaborative engagement with clients, recognising the uniqueness of every startup project.

A certified scrum master and agile certified practitioner, James’ role is a cross between Indiana Jones and Gandalf, ensuring there is a high degree of disruptive curiosity and innovative thinking when articulating a potential solution, but ultimately ensuring stuff gets done.

James is also the architect and owner of thestartupfactory.tech processes, crafting our own version of the agile manifesto in conjunction with Chuck Rice, developing a unique user centric approach based on design sprints and epics to unpack and evolve startups’ product thinking.

Following a History degree at Lancaster University, James cut his project management teeth working on tech startups in an open source environment, before working with a leading software development consultancy in NYC.

Outside work

James’ activities outside of tsf.tech include following Burnley FC, playing five-a-side, wearing VR headsets and talking to Amazon Echo.

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