Aleksa Vukotic

Chief Technology Officer

As a CTO, Aleksa is responsible for the shaping of the technology vision and innovation within, as well as overseeing the technology strategy of the company and our clients.

Aleksa has joined after a career in finance industry where he helped design and build data-driven distributed systems, DevOps platforms and APIs within the commodity trading and banking sectors.

Prior to that Aleksa has shaped his technology thinking consulting organisations (both large corporates and early stage startups) on how to efficiently use latest innovation in technology tools and practices to build quality products and effective technical teams.

Using his extensive technology experience in multiple sectors, Aleksa helps our clients with system design and architecture, technology selection and successful delivery of MVP software products.

Wherever he can find time between devising technology strategy and advising clients, Aleksa likes to keep his hands dirty by working on the code, as much as his role permits.

Aleksa is a published author (Neo4j in Action, Manning; Pro Spring 2.5 and Apache Tomcat 7, Apress) and you can find him speaking at conferences and meetups.

Technology is Aleksa’s main passion and hobby, so he spends a lot of his spare time hacking away on his laptop. In addition, he is an avid football (soccer) fan, as well as a bit of a theatre buff, so you can often see him rushing from an afternoon kickoff to the latest play at the weekend.

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