Factory Noticeboard Week 2: 06/08/18

Welcome to the second edition of Factory Noticeboard, a summary of startup news, events and information that caught our attention in the past seven days.

What are the top 7 tech companies in Manchester? This list gives some insights into some of the up and coming companies on the Manchester tech scene. The particularly pleasing aspect of this is that the diversity of the companies on the list; from financial focused companies like AccessPay to games studios such as Fabrik Games.

Speaking of games; Epic have decided to avoid using the google play store for their hit game Fortnite. Although not a startup their reasoning could have an impact on startups as any in-app purchases made, the store takes a 30% cut. This is the same in most app stores and maybe a reason a lot of focus is now on ‘mobile friendly’ websites in order to avoid this cut being taken.

Looking towards recruitment, this article as regards to placing emphasis on the ‘soft skills’ within your tech team and the impact it can have across multiple functions such as DevOps and the need for teamwork to make sure it works effectively.

This article shows some of the risks associated with taking the crowdfunding route in terms of being an investor, with some investors losing up to 90% of their investment, with many blaming poor communication from Sugru.

And finally, the juggernaut that is Apple keeps on rolling as it becomes the first ‘Trillion Dollar’ company. here’s Tim Cook’s reaction. Hopefully, this means they can make an iPhone with a decent battery life… here’s to hoping!!


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