It’s not easy building a startup, we know that. But it’s a lot easier with a dedicated and experienced tech team on your side.

Our ethos is simple, we work with interesting people who have interesting ideas. Even if you’re just starting out and all you have is an idea we can help.

What we offer

  1. Full MVP scoping session
  2. Agile technical build that gets you going fast
  3. Support with product growth and investment

Operating with shared risk under a sweat equity model, we’ll help you get started. We can evaluate product/market fit, review the technology behind the idea and make recommendations.

Our technical expertise will help you create a minimum viable product and advise you on the best route to market.

Are you ready to bring your idea to life?

We’re ready to talk...

Wherever you are on your startup journey, get in touch and let’s unpack your thinking together and see where we can help turn your idea into a reality.