Factory Noticeboard Week 3: 13/08/18

Welcome to the third edition of Factory Noticeboard. Another week has rolled by and here is our summary of startup news, events and information that caught our eye.

Manchester Digital have launched their ‘Startup Stories’ series of events for 2018, sponsored by thestartupfactory.tech. The first event is in September and focuses on Blockchain and it’s uses within startups. For more information and tickets click here.

Magic Leaps Augmented Reality glasses have finally launched. Having raised a staggering amount and with the success of recent AR-based games such as Pokemon go, can these glasses succeed where Google Glass fell short a few years ago?

Not a week goes by where Elon Musk stays out of the headlines. This week, the ups and downs of the Tesla potential de-listing and the ramifications of this have made headlines across the world. The latest news being a slump of the share price, despite an initial rise.

Here’s an interesting article about what Google and Facebook could learn from one of the big battles of yonder year, that between VHS and Betamax.

Last up for this week is something, at one point or another many of us will have suffered with. An Amazon advert around its one-day delivery ‘Prime Service’ banned. The advert is said to mislead the public as some products which are listed as prime are not one-day delivery. This is following adverts being banned in April due to issues around RRP on some electronic products.

That’s all for this week folks. If anything has caught your eye in the world of startups, tech or business, feel free to comment below and we’ll try and include it within our next edition of the Factory Noticeboard.

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