Due Diligence

We know what it takes to build a tech startup, so we know what to look for

  • People

    For early stage startups the people are just as important as the product. Does the team that’s currently in place have the ability to scale with the product and does the headcount, especially for software development, enable the product roadmap to be enacted.

  • Tech

    Tech is our bread and butter and we write software for startups every day. We know that especially in the early stages of software development that not everything is perfect, ad nor are we expecting it. But with our experience, we can see if the software is fit for purpose and more importantly, does it enable the business to scale?

  • Commercial

    One of the most critical parts of the business is the commercials. We look at this with a tech hat on and look at the commercials through that lens, does the product support the levels of scale and contracts that business has coming up, and does the onboarding process for new customers and clients scale?

  • Process

    Bringing all these elements together is the process, both within the development team for everyday software development, through to onboarding and requirement capture, the process is the element that keeps the business running in an efficient manner, and does that process have the ability to scale and flex with the business?

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