Startup Stories Event: How to Build a Tech Product

Are you an entrepreneur with a non-tech background, looking to build a technology product that will bring your idea to reality and considering where to start? How do you go about navigating the modern tech landscape so that you that ship a quality MVP as quickly as possible?

Or are you a techie, working for a tech startup (maybe aspiring to join one), thinking about decisions you have to make or skills to learn: how to choose the right architecture, technology stack, tools and the processes for the job at hand?

The challenges and pitfalls and numerous – from assembling the right team, via prioritising the right things at the right time, to finding the right balance between development velocity and the quality of the end product.

The next Manchester Digital Startup Stories event, hosted and sponsored by, will bring you a panel of technologists and tech entrepreneurs, who have faced these challenges before, so they can give you their views and opinions on the best (and not so great) practices to employ when building a technology-based product or company.

The breakfast event will feature a panel debate and audience Q&A to get an insight into how to design and build a balanced software product, that you can quickly ship and test in the real world, flexible enough so you can pivot if required without starting from scratch – and all without sacrificing quality and scalability once you become the next tech sensation.

We’ll discuss current and emerging architecture and design trends, testing strategies, cloud and containers, scalability, native apps and web applications and other relevant topics.

As usual, we’ll be taking a Manchester-centric perspective, with the panel comprising seasoned technologists and tech entrepreneurs based in our city:

  • Jamil Khalil, Founder and CEO, Wakelet
  • Anna Dick, CTO, HiringHub
  • Jan Machacek, Disney Streaming Services
  • Elliot Hesp, Co-Founder, Invertase
  • Eric Carter, Head of Engineering,
  • Aleksa Vukotic, CTO,

The event will be held on Friday 12 April, 8:30am to 10am at Manchester Technology Centre.

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