Technology Review and Due Diligence

If you are a start-up with an existing MVP or a scale-up looking to grow to the next level, pivot the technology platform or rework the product based on past learning, or planning the next investment round, we are here to help establish the right plan and framework in place for the next step.

What is a Technology Review?

As part of our technology review, we are able to have a deep dive into your current product, including the underlying tech, future vision and roadmap, development practice, as well as business and financial model, and produce a range of suggestions and recommendation required to ensure the requirements of your customers, or investors are fully satisfied. With our close relationship with the range of angel and institutional investors, we are delighted to share our know-how in racing capital and deliver successful tech products  with you as a founder or CEO.

At the same time, for investors, we offer a Due Diligence Services, looking under the bonnet at the technology-driven companies you are looking to invest in. The holistic review of the product includes a full review of the architecture and tech stack, with special consideration to scalability, security and privacy controls, code quality, with special focus on ‘technical unknown’ key areas of risk . In addition, knowing that the people are usually a key part of any product, we would be looking at the team structure, development practices and any gaps and bottlenecks within the teams. 

Who is a Technology Review for?

  • Investors

    If you want to have confidence before making investment into a new venture, looking under the bonnet of technology platform, engineering practices and the technology leadership teams, Due Dilligence can help you make clear decisions based on our expertise

  • Startups

    If you’re looking to scale up to the next level, or are looking to reset the technology vision to embrace cutting edge technologies, our Technology review will help you identify gaps and best way forward to improve the product and be ready for the next investment round.

What does a Technology Review involve?

A technology review is the process by which our team, takes an ‘under the bonnet’ look at your tech product, with the aim of helping you have a sanity check on your technology and to get an idea of how scalable your systems are, both in terms of the back end product and the infrastructure on which it is built.

  • Understand and review your technology choices
  • Understand and review your strategy on scalability
  • Take a forward view on your technology roadmap and how this can affect your product technically

This review gives our team to advise on how you can proceed to ensure your product is able to scale to fit your business needs. This is always taken with a view of advising how you will be able to proceed with the business needs and ambitions in mind.

The Process

  • 1

    Step 1: Business & Team

    The first step in the due diligence process is to understand the business and the team that run it. We ask for a presentation or pitch from the business so we can understand the proposition from their perspective and receive a demo of the product. This gives us the insight we need to begin in earnest.

    We review the business from both an account and a team perspective to get a feel of where the business is heading and how the people at the helm operate as a team

  • 2

    Step 2: Technology

    The second stage is to review the technology choices and tech strategy for the future. Looking at this gives us an idea as to the scalability of platforms and their view on innovation. This process isn’t to poke holes, but to evaluate the suitability of the tech and if it has the ability to cope with the business needs and ambitions.

  • 3

    Step 3: Process & Tooling

    The final stage is to review the processes used by the business/tech teams. Using our experience in Agile techniques and helping tech startups, we can advise on the best practises and tools to enable your development team, while keeping in mind the principles of lean and understanding the flexibility needed within a startup

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