MVP Build

So you have a clear idea for the tech product, with funding in place and well understood MVP scope? Or you completed a Startup Sprint, are satisfied with relevant product market fit and problem-solution fit, and are ready to go on to the next phase and make that vision a reality?

Why build MVP with TSF

Finding a trustworthy technology partner to deliver on a vision is a significant challenge for a founder, especially one with who is not technology focused – that’s where TSF can help.

In addition to technology expertise, we are ready to back our founders on the shared risk model, offering a part-cash-part-sweat-equity funding model.

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Who is an MVP Build for?

  • Founders

    Great ideas need efficient execution – making sure that your tech product gets launched as quickly as possible, within a reasonable budget is the key goal for any early-stage tech startup.

    Helping you focus on the MVP goals, define the scope and have trusted partner to engineer the best solution are key to TSF’s MVP Build offering.

    Our engineering team can deliver the most complex projects as well as consumer facing digital platforms.

  • Investors

    Sometimes the the execution of the brilliant ideas and great vision falls short of expectations. As an investor, you found a founder your trust with a great vision for a product – however you’ll need to ensure focused and efficient execution to get the product to the market as soon as possible.

    Be it a completely new product, or a strategy pivot, TSF technology expertise can help startups defined and launch the MVP version of the product as efficiently as possible.

    Have a part of the tech team already? We are happy to embrace them to create single cross-platform delivery team fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge as part of the process.


What does an MVP Build involve?

We have a gelled team with relevant technology and product management leadership skills to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the MVP version of your product. This doesn’t include just a marketable software product that can generate revenue on the market but also established system and development practices so that we can support and operationally maintain the product in the short term, as well as react quickly to any customer or market feedback by making the necessary updates in a timely manner.

With the agile delivery process, you will always be in control, with confidence that the seasoned veterans of technology and product management are there to guide you on the MVP development journey. Should the opportunity arise, we will also look to start building your internal team during the MVP build phase, ensuring technical and cultural knowledge and know-how from the TSF team of expert developers are passed on to the first employees that will move your product to the next level.

What happens post MVP Build?

As investors, we are with you for the long haul and we will help on that basis where we can to help guide and advise you as best we can, using our years of experience working with tech startups.

But when you don’t have your own development team, you may wonder what happens next from a technical perspective. You’ve launched your MVP. As a business, you’re moving forward, but often resources are tight and so getting your own technical team to support your new tech product is a bridge too far. So how does a tech company bridge the gap between MVP build to being in a position to have their own team? What happens when updates are required or customers suggest new features?

To plug this gap, can continue to support your MVP on a technical basis, whether that be maintaining your existing MVP or small roadmap feature developments, on a monthly retainer. This means the team who built your tech MVP is on hand with no onboarding required. This can continue for as long as it takes for you to begin onboarding your own development team, where we can then help to onboard them from a technical standpoint and hand over. Equally, should you require different support in the form of marketing or just general product support the flexibility of our support means that can accommodate that and give you and your business the best chance of success.

The Process

  • 1

    Step 1 – MVP Scoping

    Work with us to define the scope of the MVP – a version of your product that’s most efficient to build, while keeping the unique values that make it a great product

  • 2

    Step 2 – MVP Build

    Stay in control by collaborating during the build process – see the product shaping up in the hands of our skilled engineering team, participate in discussions and decision making and validate the progress as part of regular demos

  • 3

    Step 3 – MVP Launch

    Launch the MVP, gather feedback and feed that back into the next phase of strategic evolution of your idea.

  • 4

    Step 4 – MVP Support

    Tech products are not autonomous, they require maintenance, upgrades and TLC. Until a startup has their own development team in place, will provide early life support on a monthly retainer

  • “From the start, tsf.techs’ determination and passion to develop an ecommerce platform that will help Unshackled disrupt the mobile phone market and empower the consumer has shone through. has quickly built a highly innovative solution and throughout the project has adapted to requests and just got on with it to get the job done.”

    John Whittle


  • “Definitely no understatement to say that having on board as our development partners has been a decision we at continue to pat ourselves on the backs over daily. From helping us shape and refine our concept to delivering a game-changing product, it’s been a ‘partnership’ in the true sense of the word. If, like me, you’ve been around the block a few times and think you’ve seen it all, it’s well worth having a rethink!”

    Terry Chow

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