The Retro App

One of the key ceremonies in Agile methodologies is the Resrospective, a chance for teams to feedback on how they a feeling. Whether it’s at the end of a sprint or a monthly occurrence it is vital that teams have the chance to voice challenges and concerns… but the biggest question is how to do it?

The classic what’s gone well, what’s not gone so well, and what can we do better, is one of the most common, whether it’s with a sailing boat or a plane the methods are the same. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something different, insert the retro app.

We took a leaf out of teams such as Spotify, who ask a question of their team and with the help of some context reply with either a green, amber or red. We digitised this process with the ability to add questions and answers as an admin, the team to answer (anonymously or not) and then review the teams sentiments at the end and compare it to previous months. This can help identify problem areas or spot trends and discuss as a team what actions you can take to see if it has an effect.

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