PLYTIME Learning prove 15 minute tutoring sessions are 25% more effective than traditional tutoring.

Online tutor start up PLYTIME learning has continued to build on their successful year by completing a research programme with Manchester Metropolitan University, evidencing that maximizing tutoring sessions to 15 minutes is 25% more effective than traditional tutoring methods (usually around 45 mins to an hour.)

The new FOCUS 15® Tutoring concept underpins PLYTIME learning and delivers professional tutoring to children in short 15 minute bursts. Founded by Ian and Lisa McCartney, their aim is to help provide more effective and affordable learning support to students and parents. “Tutoring in sessions of up to an hour makes financial sense for the providers, but it doesn’t make sense for the children, as they simply can’t concentrate for that long.  That’s why we came up with our FOCUS 15® concept that puts children’s attainment as the top priority.” said Ian

The platform connects tutors with children and parents, delivering online and interactive sessions in a safe and engaging environment. They knew people would question the idea of shorter sessions so engaged with MMU to manage a research project, involving one hundred and forty Year 4 & Year 5 children, to investigate its effectiveness. 

The headline results were clear cut and significant.  In just 6 weeks, children receiving FOCUS tutoring improved maths attainment by 27%.  This compared to the control group, with no outside school support, who showed no improvement over the same period. More importantly, those receiving FOCUS tutoring in 15-minute sessions improved their performance by 25% more than those having 45-minute sessions.  

Lisa commented, “Changing perceptions about something that is so entrenched is difficult. Before the research started, we asked parents for their views and over 60% thought 15 minutes would be less effective. People think of tutoring in hour long slots because that’s all they’ve known. So, we are delighted with the results because they prove beyond doubt the benefit of short, frequent tutoring versus longer sessions. Without the power of technology, FOCUS Tutoring in 15-minute chunks wouldn’t be possible, but now it is, we can offer a lower price entry point for 1-to-1 support and make a huge difference in helping children to be their best.”

PLYTIME has initially launched with Primary Maths, but there are plans to add to this over the coming months and with the vision for PLYTIME Learning to be a service that people can turn to throughout their academic life, regardless of age, ability or background.

To hear more about Ian and Lisa’s journey with you can listen to their recent podcast here

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