The value proposition is based on four principles: our people, our process, our technology chops and our network.

Accelerate startup growth

We believe its our network that puts us in a unique position to accelerate startup growth, creating innovative tech businesses the world needs.

We’re part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our assets include the collaborations with the collective experience, intelligence, resources and passion of a dedicated team of specialists in building startup businesses and technology products.

C21st innovation is predominantly technological, but it’s human connection that provides the catalyst and leverage at

Startup growth leaders

We were once an economy of factories. Now we’re an economy of ideas. The factory was a place of innovation. It converted cotton to cloth, grain to flour, ore to steel. The factory changed the landscape of our economy once. It started in Manchester. Now we’re ready to do it again. In tech. In Manchester. helps innovators and early stage startups evolve. Around our team of experienced entrepreneurs and tech mavens, we’ve crafted an interdisciplinary group of business support experts. Our passion creates a collaborative, altruistic approach and philosophy to nurturing business creation, partnering with you to explore the startup journey.

We’ve built a focused network of sales, marketing legal, finance and human resource professionals, all based in Manchester, to ensure that we can help you meet any startup challenge. Our goal is to build your startup product and help you execute your startup business in an agile, fast and focused way. It is our contribution to creating a flourishing startup ecosystem. In Manchester.

Our partners

What is the help and advice you need? We’ve got it covered with partners operating in each key support area to enable growth:

  • HR

    Building your team means understanding the basic requirements of employment – from a legal compliance perspective, having the necessary policies and processes, and the practicalities of employment contracts.

  • Finance

    Before going to market, you need to understand your financial model, work out your pricing strategy and then – above all – determine what your cashflow projections and profile looks like.

  • Marketing

    Before stepping out of the building with your product, you need to develop your brand, create a web site and get connected using social media to create awareness, engagement and connectivity with your target market.

  • Sales

    You may have great domain knowledge but have no prior experience of sales. Do you know how to develop and execute a sales strategy and plan to find, win and keep your customers? Do you know which CRM tools to use?

  • Legal advice

    The essential legal foundations of setting up a company often go overlooked. You need advice and guidance on company set up, shareholder agreements and possibly IP agreements to give you the protections needed.