Fintech– Beyond the Hype

From major banks to angel investors, merchants and start-ups, in all corners of the financial services sector #fintech has been dominating the agenda and conversations for sometime. You can attend or live stream a #fintech conference, hackathon or meetup every day, such is the global debate around the disruption in financial services.

With Open Banking giving financial transparency for account holders ranging from open data to private data, the adoption of APIs, and impact of GDPR and the Payment Services Directive, this is the time for tech innovators to grab a stake in the new landscape.

But where does the hype stop and reality begin? Is this the new California Gold Rush of 1848, or in five years time will we have moved on, victims to hindsight and survivor bias and another example of how new technologies often simply recede into the future?

The next Manchester Digital Startup Stories event, hosted and sponsored by, will provide clarity and insight on the debate. With Brexit adding uncertainty to the economic future, where are the biggest opportunities and roadblocks in #fintech for the tech innovators based in Manchester?

The breakfast briefing will feature a panel debate and audience Q&A to unpack a comprehensive understanding of what #fintech is in reality, looking beyond the hype as to how it is currently being adopted by startups to scale and accelerate growth.

Unashamedly, we’ll be taking a Manchester-centric perspective, with the panel comprising founders, entrepreneurs, practitioners and investors all operating in #fintech from our city:

  • Conny Dorrestijn, Fintech founder and entrepreneur, BankiFi
  • Jeremy Thompson, Investment Manager, Maven Capital Partners
  • Mike Commons, founder & CEO Nivo Hub
  • Mark Hartley, founder & CEO, BankiFi Technology
  • Aleksa Vukotic, CTO,
  • James Higgins, Product Director, AccessPay

The event will be held on Friday 18 January, 830am to 10am at Manchester Technology Centre

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