Fantasy Football: Pre Season 8 July

Greetings all!!!

It’s here! No more footy on the beach, Fantasy League is now open for the new season team selections and it’s had a right old makeover I can tell you. Go to the usual web site and then there’s just a few admin check-ins and security steps to rejoin our little jamboree competition.

Invite friends and family, The link is here and the league code is 8nq3fh, and let’s get to 50 players this season.

What glee we all felt that recent Thursday morning and found the Championship Premier League fixtures for 2022-23 to finally give us something to which we can look forward once more. We poured over each and every game: Forest v Brentford, Brighton v Wolves, Fulham v Leeds, Bournemouth v West Ham, all the big ones. And then downloaded them into our calendars, and naturally, we’ve sent our apologies for various family occasions for the next year, priorities and that. With the Human Rights World Cup the season has an unbalanced feel to it with a four week gap in fixtures.

Time to get focused on those new signings, it’s been a busy close season with Haaland to City, Sterling to Chelsea, Mane leaving Liverpool, Luke McNally joining Burnley. Man U want to sign loads but no one’s joining. Even the arrival of Erik ten Hag, who seems both capable and cheery, has failed to change the perception that the famous Red Devils are destined for another nail biting sixth-place finish next season.

It’s fair to say the summer in the red half of Manchester has been a fairly rough one just like the season passed, what with the Pogumentary and that. Although there is an awful scene where Pogba’s agent dismisses Man U’s new contract offer of £300k a week as ‘nothing’, and even though his effort was patchy at best, he could probably do a much better job than Boris did as PM. He seems a lot kinder for a start. In one scene he is shown walking around Manchester at night chatting with homeless people and giving them food. He also seems like a good dad and, unlike Boris, appears to know how many kids he has and engages with them in a playful and loving way.

But Pogba is gone, and add in Cristiano Ronaldo’s quick pivot from statue nominee to someone trying to smuggle his way out of Old T in a laundry basket, it would be fair to say that this has been another underwhelming close season for United supporters. But then, a trickle of optimism in the airwaves. News of United signing another left-back, Tyrell Malacia. And what’s this? Christian Eriksen, midfield creator, has turned down MIGHTY BRENTFORD to sign a three year deal!  Somebody tell Evil Lord Ferg to open his last bottle of Casillero del Diablo. It’s time for a celebration, baby! Of course, I’m underplaying this latter point, in the interest of narrative. Eriksen is supremely talented, knows the league inside out and, best of all, he’s free (sort of). And maybe even Frankie de Jong will sign too.

First game is Friday 5 August, transfer deadline is 630pm. 

Good luck, and welcome back

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