Factory Noticeboard Week 9: 08/10/18

It’s that time of the week! Here’s the latest edition roundup of startup news, events and information that caught the eyes of the folk at thestartupfactory.tech: The Factory Noticeboard.

A Manchester-based tech startup, Biorelate, has secured £700k of investment to help forward their AI platform which amasses and collates biomedical data to help scientists solve problems more effectively.

Transmit Start-Ups, a North-East based startup which helps other entrepreneurs reach their vision, have pledged to help 5,000 startups with finance by 2020.

A nice article about how running a tech startup can affect you as a person and the need to slow down sometimes as it can be 100mph in the startup world!

With the growth of IoT and smart homes, a constant question is how much information do these smart devices know about you, and almost more importantly, what do they share?

Quote of the week: “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate” – Margaret Heffernan

Have you seen anything interesting? Do you have an event coming up? Feel free to comment below and we’ll try and include it within our next edition of the Factory Noticeboard.

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