Factory Noticeboard Week 7: 17/09/18

Time flies when you’re in the startup world and it’s already time for another edition of The Factory Noticeboard. Here’s our overview of startup news, events and information that caught our attention last week, with a focus on the Blockchain.

First up, Friday 21st September sees the next in the Start-Up Stories events, run by Manchester Digital and sponsored by thestartupfactory.tech. This particular panel event is on the blockchain and our friends from Block Rocket will be on the panel!

Ahead of that and wondering what Blockchain is – without thinking Bitcoin – here’s an TED talk about the blockchain which gives a great overview of what Blockchain is and how it could affect our world.

Any article which references REM songs will always catch my eye. An interesting article about how the cryptocurrency market is changing, with a quick look at prices showing the value of Bitcoin has fallen below £5,000. The article looks into why this is the case and what it could become.

And finally for anyone getting stuck on the jargon of Blockchain, here’s a handy glossary to navigate some of the articles above.

Have you seen anything interesting? Do you have an event coming up? Feel free to comment below and we’ll try and include it within our next edition of the Factory Noticeboard.

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