Factory Noticeboard Week 6: 10/09/18

It’s time for the sixth edition of Factory Noticeboard. Just a quick overview of startup news, events and information that caught our eye in the last week.

Amazon has joined Apple at being valued at $1 Trillion. From changing the way we buy books, to becoming the largest online retailer in the world with Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Chief Exec, now the richest man in the world!

Business Cloud will be releasing their list of the top 101 Fintech Disrupters later today.

New figures from the treasury highlight the issues which small business are dealing with, with nearly 19,000 business being rejected for financing to expand.

An interesting TED Talk from Leticia Gasca about her experiences of failure and how the focus shouldn’t be on failing fast but failing mindfully. The focus of this is to be aware of the consequences of that failure and to share the lessons learned from the failure with others.

Quote of the week: “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”Scott Belsky, Behance co-founder.

If there has been anything that has caught your eye in the world of startups, tech or business, feel free to comment below and we’ll try and include it within our next edition of the Factory Noticeboard.

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