Factory Noticeboard Week 5: 03/09/18

It’s time for the fifth edition of Factory Noticeboard. Just a quick overview of startup news, events and information that caught our eye in the last week.

Funding Circle has decided to list on the stock market in London. The peer to peer lending platform for small businesses is looking at raising £300million to expand their reach.

Where some lenders are succeeding, others are failing with Wonga going into administration following huge volumes of compensation claims.

In the world of self-driving cars, Apple’s version has recently got into a bit of a fender bender with a normal driver going into the back of it. This seems to be because most self-driving cars are very cautious and this is hard to anticipate by normal drivers.

And last up for this week, in sports tech, Manchester-based MiHiepa has secured significant funding and opened an office in New York. MiHiepa helps to map out player capabilities and is used across the Premier League.

If there has been anything that has caught your eye in the world of startups, tech or business, feel free to comment below and we’ll try and include it within our next edition of the Factory Noticeboard.

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