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Openside designs and delivers advisory, training and executive development for the world's leading professional services firms


Openside designs and delivers advisory, training and executive development for the world’s leading professional services firms. Having operated a traditional client engagement model based on face-to-face delivery, working with they identified the need for a digital strategy to scale and grow their business in new directions.

  • Sector: Professional Services learning & development
  • Founder: William Johnson

As the professional services market changes, so does Openside’s clients’ contexts change, and the learning and development needs of the individual professionals too – a mobile workforce, focus on personalised solutions, and an ‘on demand’ environment.

We have established a joint-venture organisation to develop the technology and go-to-market strategy, to build upon our initial investment and technology product development.

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What we delivered

  • Stage 1

    We evaluated the technical problem, impartially determined the best technical stack and architecture using the latest cutting edge technologies and techniques, and offered an early indication of resource requirements. We also helped explore the art of the possible using design sprint methodologies

  • Stage 2’s development team built an MVP platform under the guidance of Openside to develop a platform and adjust the requirements as client opportunities arose, creating an MVP that was ready to be used on real-life pilots

  • Stage 3

    Following a successful build, the team then continued to support the platform from both a business and technical perspectives to ensure pilots ran smoothly and the Openside team were able to administer programmes as they came up

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