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FiTR’s goal is to encourage people to be active outside of the gym environment.


FiTR’s goal is to encourage people to be active outside of the gym environment. It enables people to develop their own space where they feel comfortable, or that is more convenient and bringing personalised Health, Fitness and Wellness to them. 

Whether that is Personal Training at home, Yoga at your workplace or Running in your local park, FiTR is about you having on-demand access to the best personal fitness coaches, who are right for you, your personality and your goals. Gyms can be scary places, “Gymtimidation” is very real.  Why should you have to go to the gym to meet a Personal Trainer and why should you be limited to only being able to work with the trainers employed there?

  • Sector: Health & Wellness Coach network app
  • Founder: Rhys Jones

​Starting with a Design Sprint, we worked with Rhys on design and testing user journeys across the platform, enabling FiTR users to search, match and connect with the best coach for the individual based on a host of criteria, gender, motivational style, personality traits, location, time etc.

In final user acceptance testing as this book goes to press, FiTR is well placed to support the move of many former City workers to home-working in response to Covid-19, no longer requiring the Gym as part of their personal exercise environment.

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What we delivered

  • Stage 1

    We ran a Startup Sprint to help evaluate everything from user journeys and design, through to tech stack and business modelling to ensure FiTRs redesign would enable it to progress beyond it’s existing capabilities

  • Stage 2’s development team built a PoC platform, using cutting edge low-code tools, which confirmed the technical solution and provided a very basic application to begin the customer feedback process.

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