Lead Javascript Full-Stack Engineer

The Role

We are looking for a skilled and capable Javascript Full-Stack Software Engineer to join our team! This is a chance to shape up early-stage tech businesses by launching digital products to the market. You will be working with a small team of experts in technology and business, accessing the best minds of the start-up scene in the North to provide unbelievable solutions for our clients. 

You’ll gain exposure to the full lifecycle of the start-up world – developing ideas, building MVPs, understanding finance and exit strategies etc. – whilst having the opportunity to present at meetups, and conferences, build a personal profile, and develop your career as the company grows. This is an exciting chance to work on a variety of technologies and products and learn from the best.

As a Javascript Full-Stack Lead Software Engineer, you will:

  • Be a hands-on software developer spending the majority of your time in code
  • Be responsible for all aspects of your projects across the full lifecycle, including:
    • Design and UX to meet the Client’s vision
    • Scoping project MVP
    • Technology selection and architecture design
    • Organise and manage your team’s activities in a Lean/Agile manner 
    • Engineering processes, quality and testing
  • Work as part of the team, sharing and reviewing ideas, mentoring and guiding junior team members through technology architecture and implementation details
  • Keep up to date with the evolving industry, embracing new languages and frameworks, containers and cloud, and not be afraid to dig deep and learn new things all the time
  • Have an inquisitive and curious mind, often exploring the inner workings of the tools and libraries you use to understand how they work

The Person

The key skills and qualities of a Javascript Full-Stack Lead Software Engineer:

  • Proficiency in software development for Javascript/Typescript language ecosystem 
  • Working knowledge or React, CSS, Node, Express, MongoDB, Docker and GIT
  • Demonstrable understanding of best practices in software engineering, including testing and continuous integration
  • Knack for building responsive web and mobile applications and rapid prototyping
  • Familiarity with Linux environment
  • Enjoy participating in the full lifecycle of the software product: from idea and design, via implementation and user interface, to operational considerations
  • Be able to write clean code, take pride in your work and value simplicity, testing and productivity as part of your daily routine, always putting user experience first


If you are keen on joining this exciting, forward thinking company and taking the next step in your career, email us: hello@thestartupfactory.tech

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