Charles (‘Chuck’) Rice

Head of Design

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Chuck is Head of Design at, where he lives his passion for Human-Centred Design, wanting to better the world by engineering intuitive experiences for users.

Since a young age Chuck has been interested in developing ideas on paper all the way into a feasible product. It was in Design Technology classes where his passion grew to really dig down into the problem that someone is trying to solve, capture it on paper and then articulate it to others.

He’s not your typical Design or User Experience guy. He has built mobile applications, software applications and infrastructure as code. He’s been on a mission to build them with their users at the centre.

He began his journey as a Mobile App Engineer, honing his skills as a software engineer from frontend, to backend and database development, then progressed to a DevOps role.

Following a Computer Science degree, Chuck gained an MSc in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Nottingham, where he undertook research into the application of gamification.

Outside work

Chuck can be described as a cross between Jonathan Ive and His spare time is spent mastering other skills such as heading towards fluency in Spanish to finding new challenges in the gym.