The Startup Sprint

How can you find you find your problem-solution-market fit in the shortest time? Answer:'s own Startup Sprint.

So what is a Startup Sprint?

Taking aspects from multiple well-known processes for establishing a business and merging these into a 10-day process, we can quickly ascertain not just how your solution fits the real world problem, but how that solution fits into the market as a real business, with a plan of how your product could become a reality.

Is the Startup Sprint for me?

Do you have an idea for a business? Then yes.

Has your startup stagnated and you’re looking for a way to re-energise it? Then yes.

Long story short, the ‘Startup Sprint’ is for anyone who wants to validate their idea or business across a range of disciplines in as lean a way of possible.

So how does it work?

The Startup Sprint takes looks to take the principles from the Lean Startup and condense these into a 10-day process to go from the ideation stage through to a first draft development roadmap and architecture.

In order to achieve this, we’ve taken the best aspects from well-known processes including the ‘Design Sprint‘ and the ‘Business Model Canvas‘ with our own internal methodology for project spin up, then coherently merged theses into a 10-day process with workshops covering various subjects to create your ‘Startup blueprint’. These include sessions on:

  • Basic User Journey Mapping
  • Risks and ‘How Might We’s’?
  • Prototyping
  • Business Orbits
  • Technical Architecture

So what’s the benefit of the Startup Sprint?

By utilising various well-known processes, we are able to quickly establish not just the problem-solution fit which a design sprint alone would offer but takes this ‘learn quickly’ approach much further. By the end of the Startup Sprint, the learnings and outputs from the workshops are captured in a Startup Blueprint and include:

  • A Problem Transformation Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Orbit with Vital Few Analysis
  • Project Epics and Resourcing
  • Initial Technical Architecture
  • Product Risk Register
  • Prototype
  • Films from the Prototype Tests and Interviews

The Startup Blueprint gives a much fuller picture of how the application or platform could become a reality, which can make a big difference in investor pitches and clarifies the ask supported by the thinking of the workshops and outputs above.

How can you quickly test your Startup idea?

The answer:'s Startup Sprint. We can help you quickly develop your idea all the way through to prototype and business plan. Can we help you develop your idea? Get in touch

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