Jake Newall


Jake is an intern here at tsf.tech, on his year in industry from Aberystwyth university. As a second year student studying A.I. and Robotics, Jake is eager to learn more about software and best practises and further his practical skills within a real life working environment.

Day to day Jake is responsible for developing code on tsf.tech projects alongside our clients teams and researching innovative ways to bring his A.I. and robotics skills into the office environment.

Outside of tsf.tech, Jake has had a varied work experience ranging from being a landscaper through to volunteering at a seal sanctuary in the Netherlands. In those few moments of downtime Jake has away from tsf, he can be found scaling bouldering walls or strumming away at his guitar. More recently however, Jake has bought himself a 3D printer and is beginning to fill the office with some of his creations whether that be headphone stands, T-Rex heads or his pet project remote control plane!

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